Hikvision C100 960GB SSD

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Hikvision C100 960GB SSD
Hikvision C100 960GB SSD
Hikvision C100 960GB SSD
Hikvision C100 960GB SSD

Hikvision C100 960GB SSD

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SKU: HS-SSD-C100/960G

Brand: Hikvision

Increased Performance

The intelligent cache algorithm that is used allows NAND flash memory to operate in a single-level cell mode and this then helps boost the performance, which in turn helps sustain peak speeds of up to 560/520MB per second for the smoothest and fastest, boot, file transfers, and downloads.

The Perfect Upgrade

If you are looking to replace your HDD with a faster and more reliable SSD then you don't have to look any further. The Hikvision C100 is the perfect SSD that is built with next-generation 3D NAND Flash to offer amazing value for money as well as great performance. On top of the exceptional performance, the C100 comes with compelling features such as LDPC ECC technology

Improved Data Security

With support for LDPC (Low-Density Parity-Check) error correcting code technology, the C100 from Hikvision, can detect and fix errors to ensure data integrity and therefore enjoy an extended lifespan. The mean time between failures on this SSD is 35% better than that of the previous generation, 2D NAND SSDs

Tough, Silent, and Far More Reliable

SSDs have no mechanical components which means that they outperform standard HDDs with higher resistance to shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures. Other benefits of the C100 is that it is completely silent, operates without consuming heaps of power, and protects your data at the same time.


Capacity: 960GB

Form Factor: 2.5 inch SATA

DRAM Cache Memory: 256mb

Dimensions: 80.15 mm × 22.15 mm × 2.38 mm

Max. sequential read speed: 520MB/s

Max. sequential write speed: 400MB/s

NAND flash memory: 3D TLC

Protocol: SATA 6Gb/s

Weight: 100g

Limited warranty period: 3 years

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